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2-in-1 Air Hockey And Ping Pong Table - Tips For Choosing The Right

If you're a fan of both air hockey and ping pong but limited on space, a 2-in-1 air hockey and ping pong table could be the perfect solution for you.

James Davis
Aug 08, 20235802 Shares193408 Views
If you're a fan of both air hockey and ping pong but limited on space, a 2-in-1 air hockey and ping pong tablecould be the perfect solution for you.
Combining two exciting games in one compact design, these versatile tables offer endless entertainment for family and friends.
Whether you want to challenge your opponents to an intense air hockey match or showcase your table tennis skills, the 2-in-1 table provides the best of both worlds.
Let's delve into the features and benefits of this fantastic game table that promises hours of fun and excitement.

How To Buy 2-in-1 Air Hockey And Ping Pong Table

The standard height for table tennis/air hockey combinations is 32 inches; however, their lengths and widths may vary widely. The games are more fun on a larger and broader table, but they also take up more space in your living room.
The size of the table you should go for is mostly dependent on whether or not it will fit into my home. Keep in mind that, unlike standard ping pong tables, ait hockey ping pong tables do not fold up for easy storage.
The ultimate arcade-style air hockey experience may be had with a 7-foot model (84 inches), but if you're limited on room, a 5 or 6-foot model (72 inches or 60 inches) is a better option.


If you're looking for a high-quality air hockey table tennis combination, you should be on the lookout for one that includes a blower. While some tables do not, though.
Pucks often become caught without air power, resulting in frustratingly interrupted games. Because I care about your comfort, every one of these models has built-in fans.

Electronic Vs Abacus Scorers

Ping pong-style tops for air hockey tables may include either electrical or abacus scoring, or both.
The goals are counted automatically by the electronic scoring system, which often also incorporates cool extras like LED lights and arcade music. Even while it's more fun, it's also prone to breakdowns after heavy usage.
Instead, abacus scorekeepers are hand-operated. To keep score, you advance a bead every time a goal is scored. It's true that this isn't as exciting, but it's more dependable.


The standard of warranty offered by different models is quite diverse. The typical length of coverage is 90 days, with the minimum being roughly 30 days.
On the other hand, you may take advantage of a lifetime guarantee if you spend more money on a higher-quality table.


The majority of ping pong and air hockey table combinations contain all of the required equipment. The problem is that the quality is usually rather poor.
While you may be able to start playing right away, it's important to keep in mind that you may need to purchase additional accessories.

Best 2-in-1 Air Hockey And Ping Pong Table

EastPoint Sports NHL Air Hockey Table With Table Tennis Top

Multi Game Table in white, grey and black colors.
Multi Game Table in white, grey and black colors.
In terms of quality, the EastPoint Sports NHL Air Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top cannot be bested. Because of its fantastic GlazeTek playing surface, this is a high-end, aesthetically pleasing option for anybody looking to spend more time with friends and family while playing pool or air hockey.
It's a high-end table with commendable capabilities and appealing design, and it can withstand the abuse of even the most competitive players. And have everything you need to play any game to your heart's content.
It comes with everything you need to play, including a net, posts, two balls, two paddles, four pucks, and two pushers. Even with just 2 persons, installation may be completed in minutes.
This table's LED scoring and sound system is a clever addition that makes it easier for everyone to keep track of the score. Both players may easily keep track of their scores on the EastPoint Sports, and it lasts a long time.

Hall Of Games Air Hockey And Table Tennis Table

2 in 1 Game Table
2 in 1 Game Table
Smaller alternatives to the Hathaway Bandit include the air hockey and ping pong table from Hall of Games. Even though it is twice as heavy as the Bandit and 6 inches longer, this combination table is substantially lighter than the others on our list.
And there are advantages, even if the price is 40% more than its more compact competitor. There's a place to keep the table tennis top and all of the extras, as well as an electronic scorer and button-controlled arcade sound effects.
There are good reasons to like both, since the Bandit has a longer warranty (360 days vs. 180 days) and there are good reasons to like neither.
The lip of the hockey rink keeps it in place, despite its thinness and thus weak bounce. This has the obvious benefit of preventing it from moving about while in use.

ESPN Dual Air Hockey And Table Tennis Converter Set

Multi-Game Table
Multi-Game Table
Setup at home is a breeze with the ESPN Dual Air Hockey and Table Tennis Converter Set. Home ping pong and air hockey tables are often lightweight and portable, however this portability comes at the expense of durability.
The ESPN table converts easily, and the table tennis top fits snugly into the base, so it's less likely to move about during play or to be pushed over in the midst of a rally.
This is meant to mimic the experience of playing in a real arcade. The LED scoring system has flashing lights and even fun sound effects, making it a hit with kids and adults alike. Since the electronic scorer keeps track of the score automatically, you won't have to bother about keeping track of it by hand.
Pushes, pucks, balls, posts, paddles, and the ping pong net are all included in this set. These take up little space, and setting them up will just take a few minutes. Another option for accommodating for uneven basement floors, this table has a leg leveling device.

NHL Power Play Air Powered Hockey Table With Table Tennis Top

NHL Power Play Hover Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top Assembly Video

If you're looking for a reliable 2-in-1 system, the NHL Power Play Air Powered Hockey Table is a terrific choice.
Simply clip on the table tennis top that comes with the product to transform it from air hockey to ping pong, and then all you need is a net to get started.
The air hockey playing field is the focal point of this table, and it has an electronic scoring system and strong 110V blowers to ensure that the puck moves freely and evenly throughout the whole playing area. This surface will not scratch easily.
The air hockey portion of the table contains an electronic scoring system and a sound system to let you know when you've won a game.
Many of these tables have a top that isn't quite level, making them difficult to use in areas with uneven floors. The NHL choice includes height-adjustable legs for exactly such a purpose, guaranteeing a flat, even playing field.
The setup is simple, and it may be a fantastic method of minimizing clutter in the entertainment area.

Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table

Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table with Air-Powered Hockey and Table Tennis

The Atomic Northport table stands out from the crowd because it can be used for three purposes at once. Its attractive woodgrain finish makes it a better choice for use in the house than the other tables.
Since it serves as a dinner table, it doesn't matter where in the dining room it is placed. There's no need to look for more room! You can move from playing air hockey to eating without anybody noticing the transition.
The seats that come included with this air hockey/ping pong table are excellent. They include built-in compartments where you may store your extras safely out of sight. Unfortunately, the rackets are likewise subpar, so do yourself a favor and invest yourself a passable set.
The Northport is the longest table at 87 inches in length. This is the most accurate representation of standard hockey table sizes, which are 96 inches in diameter. Northport is the standard 32 inches in height for an air hockey or ping pong table.
Both the cost and the bulk of this excellent table are significant negatives. Spending so much money is only acceptable to customers with deep pockets.
This table is not light, weighing in at a whopping 462. Keep in mind that this total also accounts for the benches. However, if the table has to be relocated, you'll need to enlist the aid of a companion.

Hathaway Bandit 5 Ft Air Hockey And Table Tennis Multi-Game Table

Multi-Game Table in black color
Multi-Game Table in black color
The Hathaway Bandit is the least expensive air hockey ping pong table on our list and may be a decent choice for people on a tighter budget. Very impressively, it costs almost exactly half as much as the ESPN version.
In terms of size, it's the tiniest table here. With dimensions of 60 inches by 30 inches by 32 inches, this is the best option for those with little room. And unlike many little tables, this one doesn't rely on push hockey. The Bandit has a built-in 110v blower, so you can play authentic air hockey just like on other tables.
This table is lightweight and small in size for obvious reasons. While this provides convenient portability, it also poses a little danger of movement during air hockey. Try to avoid using excessive force during competitions.
In addition to the burden, the typical problems of low-quality rackets and a top are present. The rackets have short handles and a thin, pliable top.

People Also Ask

Is A 2-in-1 Air Hockey And Ping Pong Table Suitable For All Ages?

Yes, a 2-in-1 air hockey and ping pong table is designed to be enjoyed by players of all ages, making it a great addition to family game nights.

Can I Use The Air Hockey And Ping Pong Features Simultaneously On The 2-in-1 Table?

No, the 2-in-1 table allows you to switch between air hockey and ping pong by simply flipping the table or attaching and detaching the appropriate components.

Are The Accessories For Air Hockey And Ping Pong Included With The Table Purchase?

Yes, most 2-in-1 tables come with all the necessary accessories, such as paddles, pucks, ping pong balls, and nets, to play both games.

What Are The Dimensions Of A Typical 2-in-1 Air Hockey And Ping Pong Table?

The dimensions can vary, but a standard 2-in-1 table is usually around 7-8 feet long and 4 feet wide, providing ample playing space for both games.

Is It Difficult To Switch Between Air Hockey And Ping Pong On The 2-in-1 Table?

No, switching between games is generally quick and easy, allowing for seamless transitions and uninterrupted fun for players.

Final Thoughts

If you want to play air hockey and ping pong but don't have room for two tables, you may get a table that can do both. A 2-in-1 air hockey and ping pong table is a fantastic addition to any game room or recreational space.
This versatile and space-saving design allows you to enjoy two popular games without the need for multiple tables, making it perfect for those who love both air hockey and ping pong.
Of course, you can't expect great performance across the board from a multi-game table; they can't hold a candle to dedicated gaming tables. The air hockey ping pong tables make this effect particularly noticeable in table tennis.
They're entertaining, but they can't compare to a real table tennis table in terms of playability or durability.
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