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What is Mystery Shopping?
There are many different names for Mystery Shopping like for example: test purchase, shop controlling, covert sales etc..

It is an objective survey method that should prove the compliance of quality standards in direct customer contact.

Qualified observers (that means you as Mystery Shopper) shall appear as normal customers and observe real customer situations.

Other typical forms are Mystery Calls at hotlines and Mystery Visits (for example: in hotels)

What should I take into account as Mystery Shopper?
You will never start a test without any preparation from us. You will know exactly on which things you should especially pay attention. You will know possible answers of the clerks and you only have to observe the conversation.

If you fit into the predetermined scenario and if feel comfortable doing the test we will choose you to perform it. That is the reason why you react as a normal customer and behave passive most of the time. Please keep always in mind that the staff is tested not your negotiating skills.

Ideally, you can do the test as sideline. It means that you can work with Checkstone even if you have a regular work.

May I retain the purchase?

Do I only visit stores?
No, we test different branches.

Am I an employee of Checkstone after my registration?
No, all tests are on a fee basis.

How do I become a Mystery Shopper?
You would like to participate? Great! Therefore please register here. Afterwards we will offer you tests in your region and will also prepare you exactly for each task.

Do I have any obligations after my registration? Do I have to do all tests that Checkstone offers me?
No, with this free registration you apply for jobs in your region. As soon as we have a possible task for you we will get in contact with you. Then you decide if you feel comfortable with this test and receive more information. (Therefore please also read: I registered - what happens now?)

What happens with my data?
Checkstone is an owner-managed company which specifically pays attention on the protection of the data you committed to us. We will use these data only for our internal cooperation and will never pass them to a third party. We refuse steadfastly to merchandise personal data. Therefore please also read: Personal statement of our Managing Director.

I registered - what happens now?
Every month we check if there are jobs in available in your region. In this case we will contact you via mail or telephone and offer you the test. You are free in your decision to take the test or not.. But please be aware, that: If you confirm to do the test, please perform it in faithful and reliable way.

What I have from being a tester at Checkstone?
We organize test purchases on behalf of our customers. These tests are conducted with the aim of improving the quality of customer service and sales permanently. That means that we all benefit from a better quality of living and purchasing.

You will receive a fee for each test as pocket money.

And of course, do not forget the fun you will have while testing.

How does it work with the payment?
Of course, all tests will be paid. After you have completed the questionnaire we need to have a look on it. This means that we check if and how you have performed the test and if it corresponds with our quality specifications. If there are still open questions we will contact you again. But if you have considered all our test specifications there should be no questions and your protocols will be released for payout. There is also the possibility to save your fees. For example, if you save them until the end of the year you can have them as a nice additionally kind of Christmas bonus. The second possibility is to demand your money in your personal Checkstone account via mouse click. You do not need to send us an invoice - you will always receive a credit note via e-mail. This is faster and saves paper.

How much can I earn?
That is very different. As different our tests are as different are also the payments.

What happens if the clerk recognizes that I am a tester?
The clerk will not recognize you as a tester. You act like a normal customer and show real interest in the products and services. You will never have to start a test if you do not feel confident with the situation.

If something works not according to our specification you should immediately call your contact person. He/She will clear up all questions and inform you what you need to do.

How should I react if I recognize that it is not possible to hold the agreed date?
In this case please inform us immediately via phone or e-mail as we need to search a new tester.

If you only allow the date to lapse we will not give you further jobs and also delete you from our data base.

Who stands behind TesterNews?
TesterNews is a department of the company Checkstone survey technologies GmbH in Leipzig. Checkstone was founded in 2000 from our Managing Director Lars Richter. We are an owner-managed company that is specialized on Mystery Shopping.

If you have any question please contact us via e-mail or use our contact form.

Please registerhere for becoming a tester.

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