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MD Sports 48 Inch 3-in-1 Combo Game Table, 3 Games With Billiards, Hockey And Foosball


The MD Sports 48 inch 3-in-1 combo game table, 3 games with Billiards, Hockey and Foosballis a versatile and compact gaming solution that combines three popular games in one space-saving design. Featuring billiards, air hockey, and foosball, this game table is designed to provide hours of entertainment for families and friends. In this detailed discussion, we will explore the key features of this multifunctional gaming table.

Md Sports 48" Combo Air Powered Hockey, Foosball, And Billiard Game Table Specifications

BrandMD Sports
Product dimensions: 48.5 x 22.75 x 34.5 inch (LWH)
Packaging dimensions: 46.625 x 28.75 x 6.38 inch (LWH)
Packaging weight (approx.):64.36 lbs.

Quick Features

  • Sports included: Billiards, hockey, and foosball.
  • Players in the shape of robots are mounted on the multisport table's sturdy 1/2 inch steel rods.
  • With this three-in-one combo table, switching between games is simple.
  • For simple construction and table leveling, use 1.5 inch leg levelers.
  • Everything you need is included with this multi-game table for simple setup and gameplay.
  • Included are two pushers, two pucks, two pool cues, one set of pool balls, a triangle, two chalks, a brush, and two soccer balls.
  • Simply insert the hockey surface on the rails at the top of the pool table and lock them together to play hockey.
  • Simply set the foosball surface on the top rails of the pool table and lock the surfaces together to play the game.
  • Slide hockey enables brisk and intense matches.
  • For a true arcade experience, the foosball table has steel rods, a ball return, and a manual scoring system.
  • The billiards table has actual felt bumpers and a playfield for a true billiards hall experience.

Three Games In One

The MD Sports 48 inch 3-in-1 combo game table, 3 games with Billiards, Hockey and Foosball is a testament to versatility and entertainment innovation. At the heart of its appeal lies its remarkable ability to transform seamlessly between three classic games: billiards, air hockey, and foosball. This feature alone sets it apart as a dynamic centerpiece for game rooms, family spaces, and leisure areas.


Billiards, a game of precision and strategy, is a beloved classic that has graced homes and recreational spaces for generations. The MD Sports Combo Game Table presents a genuine billiards experience with a green felt playing surface that ensures smooth ball movement.

The table's surface is further enhanced by rubber cushions that facilitate accurate and consistent ball rebounds. This attention to detail mirrors the quality found in dedicated billiards tables, allowing enthusiasts to practice their shots and enjoy competitive games.

Air Hockey

Air hockey, with its lightning-fast puck glides and adrenaline-pumping action, is a favorite among arcade game enthusiasts. The MD Sports Combo Game Table brings this excitement to your home with an air-powered playing surface.

This air hockey feature ensures that the puck hovers above the table, eliminating friction and allowing for swift, unpredictable movements. The inclusion of an electronic air blower guarantees a consistent and exhilarating game, and the package comes complete with two pushers and two pucks for intense, head-to-head matches.


Foosball, a tabletop sport that emulates soccer on a compact scale, is a source of intense competition and camaraderie. The MD Sports Combo Game Table does justice to this beloved game by featuring sturdy player rods equipped with ergonomic handles.

These handles allow players to execute precise control and swift maneuvers, adding to the excitement of foosball matches. The table includes a full set of foosball players and a soccer ball, inviting friends and family to engage in spirited contests.

3 game in 1 poster of the MD Sports 48 Inch 3-in-1 Combo Game Table
3 game in 1 poster of the MD Sports 48 Inch 3-in-1 Combo Game Table

Durability Of MD Sports Combo Game Table Construction

The durability and stability of a game table are paramount to its longevity and the quality of gameplay it offers. In this regard, the MD Sports 48 inch 3-in-1 combo game table, 3 games with Billiards, Hockey and Foosball does not disappoint. Its construction is characterized by the use of robust and engineered wood, a material that ensures the table's strength and resilience. This sturdiness is particularly crucial during spirited gameplay, where tables may endure enthusiastic strikes and collisions.

The engineered wood frame and legs are designed to withstand the rigors of gameplay, ensuring that the table remains steady and balanced, even during intense matches of air hockey and foosball. This durability extends the table's lifespan, allowing it to serve as a reliable source of entertainment for years to come.

Space can often be a limiting factor when choosing game tables for home use. The MD Sports Combo Game Table addresses this concern with its compact design, measuring 48 inches in length. This thoughtful sizing makes it a space-efficient addition to game rooms, apartments, and areas with limited room to spare.

The compact dimensions do not compromise the table's functionality or gaming experience. Instead, they ensure that the table can be accommodated in a variety of settings, allowing more individuals and families to enjoy the benefits of three games in one. Whether you have a dedicated game room or a cozy corner, this table can seamlessly integrate into your space without monopolizing it.

Easy Game Transition

The MD Sports 48 inch 3-in-1 combo game table, 3 games with Billiards, Hockey and Foosball is designed to offer not just three exciting games but also a hassle-free transition between them. This innovative feature ensures that players of all ages and skill levels can enjoy the full spectrum of gaming experiences offered by this multifunctional table.

The transition between billiards, air hockey, and foosball on this combo game table is remarkably straightforward. Each game mode has its dedicated playing surface and accessories, making it a breeze to switch from one game to another. Let's explore how the transition process works for each game:

Billiards To Air Hockey

To switch from billiards to air hockey, players first remove the billiards accessories, including cues and balls. Then, they place the air hockey accessories, such as the pushers and pucks, onto the table's air hockey surface. The electronic air blower ensures that the puck glides effortlessly across the table, ready for an exhilarating game.

Air Hockey To Foosball

Transitioning from air hockey to foosball is equally simple. After concluding an air hockey match, players remove the pushers and pucks from the table. The foosball players and soccer ball are already in place, allowing for an immediate shift to foosball action. The sturdy player rods with ergonomic handles provide precise control and swift maneuvers during foosball matches.

Foosball To Billiards

When it's time to switch from foosball to billiards, players remove the foosball players and soccer ball, revealing the billiards surface beneath. The billiards accessories, including cues, balls, and the triangle rack, are then set up for a classic game of billiards.

This seamless transition process encourages players to explore various gaming options without the need for extensive setup or disassembly. It promotes spontaneity and keeps the gaming experience fluid, ensuring that fun is always just a game switch away.

Scorekeeping And Accessories

The MD Sports Combo Game Table goes beyond providing a versatile gaming experience by offering convenient features that enhance gameplay and competition.

Scoreboards For Air Hockey And Foosball

Scorekeeping is an essential aspect of competitive gaming, and this combo table caters to this need with built-in scoreboards for both air hockey and foosball. These scoreboards allow players to easily track their scores and keep the game competitive and engaging. The scoreboards are user-friendly and ensure that everyone can participate in the fun.

MD Sports 48 Inch 3-in-1 Combo Game Table poster
MD Sports 48 Inch 3-in-1 Combo Game Table poster

Comprehensive Accessories

Each game mode on the MD Sports 48 inch 3-in-1 combo game table, 3 games with Billiards, Hockey and Foosball comes with a comprehensive set of accessories to facilitate a complete gaming experience. Here's what you can expect:

  • Billiards -The billiards section includes cues, billiard balls, and a triangle rack, providing everything needed for a proper billiards game.
  • Air Hockey -The air hockey accessories consist of pushers and pucks, ensuring that you have all the equipment required for fast-paced air hockey action.
  • Foosball -The foosball section features foosball players and 2 soccer balls, enabling exciting foosball matches with friends and family.

These accessories are designed to match the quality of dedicated game tables, ensuring that players enjoy authentic and competitive gameplay.

Family-friendly Entertainment With MD Sports Combo Game Table

One of the standout features of the MD Sports 3-in-1 Combo Game Table is its ability to foster family-friendly entertainment. It brings people of all ages together, encouraging bonding and creating memorable moments.

Inclusivity For All Ages

The versatility of this combo table means that it caters to the gaming preferences and abilities of players of all ages. Children, teenagers, parents, and grandparents can all find enjoyment in the three distinct games it offers. Whether you're introducing kids to their first game of billiards or challenging friends to an air hockey tournament, this table accommodates a wide range of players.

Quality Time And Social Interaction

In an era dominated by screens and digital distractions, the MD Sports Combo Game Table stands as a beacon of traditional, face-to-face interaction. Families and friends can gather around the table, share laughs, and engage in friendly competitions. It promotes quality time spent together, reinforcing the importance of social connection and genuine human interaction.

Skill Development And Healthy Competition

Playing billiards, air hockey, or foosball offers numerous benefits beyond entertainment. These games encourage the development of hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking, and motor skills. Additionally, friendly competition is a healthy way to build camaraderie and sportsmanship among players, both young and old.

Versatile Entertainment For Any Occasion

Whether it's a rainy day, a family get-together, or a casual evening with friends, the MD Sports Combo Game Table is ready to provide versatile entertainment. It transforms any space into a hub of excitement and laughter, making it a valuable addition to any home or recreation area.

MD Sports 48 Inch 3-in-1 Combo Game Table Reviews

Here are some of the reviews on Walmart:

Elieber says:

The pool table came in many pieces but My Twinn seven year olds have fun putting it together with their dad it's kind of small but good for little hands and they've had tons of fun so far

Heather says:

Purchased this for my sons birthday. The box was a little crunched but seemed somewhat in tack. We opened it the night before his birthday and put it together. Numerous things were broken. Thankfully my husband knows how to fix stuff. He got out his nail gun and extra boards and had to add supports under the table, as they came broken (snapped right in half).

Wasn't the easiest thing to put together but we got it. The stoppers on the foosball handles come flying off during play, and end up just laying on the ground. We had to rig everything together to make it useable so my son had a present still when he woke up.

So disappointing and sounds like other people have had issues with the packaging. We didn't return due to it being put together but I don't suspect this will last for the long haul. Kids love it, however I do not think I would recommend this to anyone unless you want to put work into it.

Features of MD Sports 48 Inch 3-in-1 Combo Game Table poster
Features of MD Sports 48 Inch 3-in-1 Combo Game Table poster

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Switch Between The Different Games Easily On This Combo Game Table?

Yes, the MD Sports Combo Game Table is designed for easy and quick transitions between billiards, air hockey, and foosball.

Does The Game Table Come With All The Necessary Accessories For Billiards, Air Hockey, And Foosball?

Yes, the MD Sports Combo Game Table includes all the accessories needed for each game, such as balls, cues, pucks, and pushers.

How Sturdy Is The Construction Of This Combo Game Table?

The game table is constructed with durable materials, including engineered wood, to ensure stability and longevity.

Is This Combo Game Table Suitable For All Ages?

Yes, the MD Sports 3-in-1 Combo Game Table is designed to provide family-friendly entertainment, making it suitable for players of all ages.

Are The Foosball Player Rods On This Game Table Ergonomic For Comfortable Gameplay?

Yes, the foosball player rods come with ergonomic handles for precise control and comfortable gameplay.


In summary, the MD Sports 48-inch 3-in-1 combo game table, 3 games with Billiards, Hockey, and Foosball offers an all-in-one gaming solution for those who love billiards, air hockey, and foosball. Its high-quality construction, compact design, and ease of game transition make it a versatile and space-efficient addition to any game room.

With its dedicated features for each game, this combo table ensures hours of entertainment and fun for friends and family alike. Whether you're honing your skills or just looking for some lighthearted competition, this game table is a fantastic choice for your gaming needs.

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