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3 Suisses Online Shop Deutschland Announce About Selling The Company


The online and mail order group known as 3 suisses online shop deutschland (3SID) (previously known as 3Suisses International) made public their decision to sell the entire e-commerce business of the firm.

This includes the "3 Suisse" brand in France, which has been established for a very long time but has been having trouble competing successfully in a challenging market for a number of years.

The 3SI Group has come to the conclusion that it will be best for the company to sell its entire online retail operation in the countries of France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic.

A press statement was issued by the French corporation to make this announcement. The German public has known about 3SI since 2014, when it became a part of the Otto Group.

The group's spokesman, Antoine Pernod, says that this is about "an organization with 900 employees and a turnover of 400 million euros."

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Moving forward, 3SI intends to place a primary emphasis on the service options that it provides for corporate clients.

These products will include fulfillment logistics with Dispeo and parcel distribution with Mondial Relay.


In "the next twelve months," it is planned to sell the following brands: Unigro, a Belgian firm that specializes in home furnishings; 3Pagen, a German and Austrian company that sells decorative and household goods; Cemod, a Czech fashion and décor company; and Cogemag-Excellence (a French remnant seller).

Among the brands that are going to be sold, however, there is one in particular that is getting a lot of attention: 3Suisses, which is the historic brand that the firm owns in France.

The parent company is of the opinion that the existing circumstances "do not allow a divestiture that might guarantee a future for the activity and the brand.

As a result, the organization is contemplating the formation of a "new structure that can match the objectives of the brand.

Alongside the sale of 3Suisses Belgium, the newly formed corporation will also be put up for auction.

The number of employees in France will drop from approximately 147 to 40, and the reduction will take place across the country.

In 2014, the wholesaler stopped sending out its once-every-two-years mail-order catalog and switched to a business model that is only done online and focuses on clothing and household goods.

The record company, which was established in 1932, has been experiencing significant challenges for a number of years.

In the mail-order industry, the company is forced to fight against international online giants such as Amazon and Zalando.

Additionally, the company's arch-rival, La Redoute, is doing everything it can to expand on previous triumphs.

Girl hands holding an ipad with an online shop page ang potted plants around
Girl hands holding an ipad with an online shop page ang potted plants around

Benefits From 3SI

Since 2009, 3Suisses has racked up losses totaling 650 million euros, and despite undergoing a reorganization in recent years, there has been little sign of an improvement in the company's financial situation.

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Conclusion And Perspectives

The profit the company made during the 2015 fiscal year was approximately 120 million euros, while the figure was almost one billion euros during the same period ten years earlier.

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