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Another Surprising Viking Cruise Reason - Mindful Luxury Shopping


Here's another surprising Viking cruise reasonyou should know.

While people take cruises for a variety of reasons, including the desire to visit exotic locations, indulge in gourmet cuisine, or simply enjoy a slower pace of life for a while, Sarah discovered another reason to add to the list: mindful shopping.

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In a digital age where many of us (myself included) are guilty of mindless scrolling and clicking and purchasing things we don't need or, worse, aren't meant to last, the Viking Homelands ocean cruise—a two-week summer excursion traversing the lands that once served as Viking home turf, including what we now know as Scandinavia—taught me how to shop more thoughtfully.

Viking ocean ship in Eidfjord Norway
Viking ocean ship in Eidfjord Norway

While harboring a long-standing admiration for Scandinavian design, particularly in furniture and home products, the surge of Scandinavian fashion designers, from Acne to Stine Goya, in the last decade or so has been remarkable—and the reasons behind it are quite clear.

"Scandi style" is characterized by stylish minimalism, effortless elegance, and, most importantly, round-the-clock comfort.

The issue at hand? The considerable cost associated with these designer labels. However, thanks to the Viking Homelands Cruise, which docks in the hometowns of major fashion houses (think Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo), travelers can easily map out shops to visit, prepare lists of desired items to try on, and, most crucially, budget for their shopping endeavors ahead of time.

Plus, the timing couldn't be better for the summer. Sales are in full swing—cruise near the end of the season for even bigger savings—you'll have access to unique things not available in the United States, and you'll be able to shop tax-free. (Remember to claim your refunds before leaving one nation and traveling to another.)

Though there are far too many to name, among their favorites include Copenhagen's By Malene Birger—think Céline's Phoebe Philo era at a more affordable price point—Stockholm's Rodebjer and Hope, and Oslo's Esp.

However, access to world-class shopping at unbeatable pricing is just one of many reasons why Viking is consistently awarded the greatest luxury cruise line.

The fleet is made up of beautiful, cutting-edge ships that can cruise the entire globe, from Antarctica to the Douro River, and are decorated in true Scandinavian style, with minimalist rooms and public spaces that channel warmth and comfort.

Moreover, unlike other cruise lines that nickel and dime their clients with hidden surcharges, Viking is known for its all-inclusive, value-driven pricing.

It includes all meals, including afternoon tea at The Wintergarden and beer and wine with lunch and supper, one shore excursion at each port, Wi-Fi, gratuities, and access to The Spa.

If you routinely travel with the goal of eating and drinking correctly, you can attest to Viking's culinary options.

Even the buffet in The World Cafe, which is usually a dull, lukewarm jumble on other ships, is a great delight, with enticing displays of sushi, gelato, and customizable Caesar salads.

When hungry in the middle of the day, one could stop by Mamsen's for their famed waffles topped with Brunost (Norwegian Brown Cheese) and jam.

Another advantage of reserving with Viking is that there are no children, casinos, surcharges for dining at other restaurants, art auctions, or formal nights.

That is, you can fully relax and tailor your vacation to your own requirements.

The real beauty of Viking is that one can start their cruise with specific goals in mind—whether it's scouring a local market for fresh ingredients they and their ship's chefs will cook up for dinner at The Kitchen Table, or taking in bird's-eye views of the breathtakingly beautiful Norwegian fjords from a seaplane—and end up discovering more surprising reasons to love the cruise along the way. Just some people did.

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