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Best Lorawan Testers For Coverage Testing


Best lorawan testers for coverage testing are crucial to make sure your LoRaWAN network has the optimum signal coverage and quality for your end devices. LoRaWAN devices, like other wireless devices, need to be placed inside the LoRaWAN gateway's coverage area, though this doesn't always guarantee a good signal.

IoT solutions that can be made possible by LoRaWAN networks include smart parking, smart water, smart agriculture, and smart air quality monitoring, to mention a few. You could have sensors for interior air quality or other comparable equipment in businesses, so network coverage shouldn't only extend outside.

The strength of the signal is dependent on a number of things. To gauge how effectively a LoRaWAN gateway can hear an end device, one can use RSSI. The SNR shows how much interference there is between the LoRaWAN gateway and the device at the end.

Your IoT project will succeed or fail depending on SF. It specifies the data rate between the end device and the LoRaWAN gateway. SF also affects the final device's power consumption, which is frequently disregarded.

You must now be asking how to evaluate signal quality outdoors. Setting up and installing the terminal in various places takes time and money. This is when LoRaWAN field testers, like the one provided by Adeuni, come into play.

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Device-Based Connection Test

Person Holding A Laboratory Flask
Person Holding A Laboratory Flask

If you want to deploy a device anywhere, you are primarily concerned with the coverage or radio quality of that site in all conditions and under all possible influences (e.g. weather, moving objects like cars, other RF influences, seasonal influences like vegetation, etc.).


In the test area, a gateway or gateways were installed. For the test, an existing network is used.


The network has a registered test device that is ready for usage. You made your own test tool that can tell you how good the reception is. You advise using a gadget with a long-lasting battery and frequent transmissions.

Test Procedure

Every Lora device is set up to deliver data consistently at the smallest intervals. The gadget is placed at (or close to) a certain installation location and has a long transmission range.

Analysis And Findings

For analysis, the test results must be stored and exported.

GPS-based LORAWAN Network Tester

ActivationOTAA or ABP
Autonomy Up to 16 hours
Casing IP64 Outdoor
Data Connectivity Lora
Internal Antenna 868 MHz
Frequency -138dB sensitivity
Lora Class Class A
Operation Temp -40 / +85C
Power 500mA. Rechargeable battery (USB)
Power Output Default 25mW. Max 100mW
Sensors GPS / Glonass
Sensors 90*52*31 mm

Lorawan Network Server Data Push

To transfer data received from a LoRaWAN gateway to a given endpoint URL, in this example, the decoder, all LoRaWAN network servers (LNS) provide a data push function.

Update the data push on the LNS with the Azure decoder endpoint URL once the decoder is ready to start working. That's all there is to it. First, the LNS sends the data from the field tester to the decoder so that it can be decoded.


You might be interested in learning more about the precise restrictions and limitations of LoRaWAN. Best lorawan testers for coverage testing are crucial. Whether it's to check if it works with a gadget far from your house, whether it's a watch worn outside, or even an underground water or gas sensor. You may assess the WAN's coverage area using a coverage test.

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