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Best Lotion For Masturbation - How To Use?


There's a strong probability you're lacking a lotion if you're asking how to masturbate better. Long-term friction from your hand pressing on your genitalia is not a pleasurable experience.

This post will cover the best lotion for masturbation, which will unquestionably change the way you feel about masturbation.

Use of the appropriate lotion or lubricant is required for all sex actions, including masturbation and sexual contact. Do not use soap or shampoo. Your intimate areas will get dry, and you won't have any fun at all.

The following is a list of the top masturbation creams that you came up with after extensive research and testing. You each paid for each one separately out of your own pockets; the manufacturing wasn't helpful to us.

Wet Chest of a Woman
Wet Chest of a Woman

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Best Lotion For Masturbating You Can Purchase

  • Shibari Premium Personal Lubricant
  • Swiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream
  • Stroke Oil Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream
  • Sliquid H20 Original Water Based Lubricant
  • Special Biofilm Inc Astroglide Gel 4

How To Masturbate Like A Pro?

Regardless of whether you have partnered sex, learning how to touch yourself is a good idea since a good masturbation session also helps you figure out what you like and are comfortable with sexually.

The self-awareness it promotes will have a huge impact on your future sex life, and it may help you articulate what you want and don't want better, which is an essential part of consent. That could be one of the reasons why people who have solo sex are more likely to have pleasurable sexual experiences later in life.

First, Find Your Stroke

Find a rhythm you like with your hand to get things moving. Finding your rhythm when masturbating takes time and work. When it comes to getting an orgasm, some people like fast strokes, others like longer strokes, and still others like a mix of both.

There are various ways to use your hand to check your penis. If you're unsure, keep experimenting until you find what works for you.

Change It Up Once You've Found Your Stroke

It's not a one size fits all process to find the best way to masturbate, and what works now might not work tomorrow. For instance, you could find that a stroke you formerly liked is later replaced by another. That is very normal.

To provide some variety to each masturbation session, use different strokes or swap hands. Also, it's a good idea to change things up now and then, so you don't get too used to a certain way of getting orgasmic. This may help you stay open and flexible with current or potential sexual partners.

Lube Is Your Best Friend

Woman Covering Her Breast
Woman Covering Her Breast

If you're seeking advice on how to masturbate more effectively, there's good chance lubrication isn't present in your life. When your palm is sitting directly on your penis for a long time, it is not a comfortable feeling.

All sexual acts, including masturbation and sexual contact, need the right lubricant. When it comes to the ideal way to masturbate, there is a persistent notion that lotion is a typical choice, but lotion is no lubrication.

Although it's easy to find around the house and convenient, it's not the best for masturbation. Because your penis is such a delicate location, some perfumed creams might irritate it (which is not fun).

Pick up lubrication every time. If you can afford it or can get it, choose a water-based lubricant that doesn't have a scent. Anything that contains "warming" chemicals or tastes might cause itchiness or irritation.

Experiment With Different Positions

Who says you have to be seated when masturbating? Try trying a few different positions to spice things up, boost your enjoyment, and figure out what works best for you. There are many ways to do this, such as sitting or lying down, standing up, moving your hips forward, or using a cushion to raise them.

Embrace Some Fantasies

Understanding how to masturbate is only a small part of knowing what to jerk off to. It is possible to molest someone without porn, but in this case, it is clear that visual aids are essential.

One great thing about masturbating without porn is that you are entirely in control of the situation. Porn may be a natural, fun, and healthy way to discover more about what you are drawn to.

In contrast to passively watching porn, masturbating to a dream lets your mind wander to what makes you excited. It's a great way to discover more about your passions and may be quite helpful if and when you want to talk about your aspirations with possible mates.


Masturbation is a healthy pastime, so you shouldn't feel guilty about wanting to partake in it. It's a chance to find your passions, unwind, and get to know your body.

It's also not even close to being the second best option to having sex with partners. Maintaining a healthy solo sex life is essential, just like other sorts of sex. It's also a crucial way to look at oneself.

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