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Best Mpow Wireless Earbuds - Enhance Your Audio Experience With These Options

Explore the pinnacle of wireless audio technology with the best MPOW wireless earbuds. Discover superior sound quality, comfort, and advanced features for an unparalleled listening experience. Uncover the top-rated MPOW earbuds providing seamless connectivity and extended battery life in this comprehensive review.

James Davis
Nov 09, 202335 Shares34914 Views
In the ever-evolving world of audio technology, MPOW stands out as a brand committed to delivering high-quality wireless earbuds. With a focus on exceptional sound, seamless connectivity, and ergonomic designs, the best MPOW wireless earbudsredefine the listening experience.
Offering a blend of innovative features, these best MPOW wireless earbuds cater to various preferences, from fitness enthusiasts seeking a secure fit during workouts to audiophiles demanding superior sound quality in a compact design.
Have a look at the best MPOW wireless earbuds:

Mpow M13 Wireless Earbuds

Looking at the Mpow M13's specifications, one may assume that it is a set of wireless earbuds that costs about fifty dollars. The charging case isn't overly large; in addition to supporting wireless charging alongside USB-C, it features four LED lights on the front to show how much battery life is left. The lid of the case might not be the strongest.
The appearance of the earbuds is generic. Their matte-black exterior is blank of logos. The M13 earbuds are larger than other Mpow models and many wireless earbuds in general, as numerous Amazon and AliExpress customer reviews have noted. Though the spherical, pebble-like interior ensures a snug seal, tiny ears won't feel comfortable wearing these.
However, because of their size, they are able to block out more outside noise than the majority of less expensive active noise-canceling earbuds.
But the M13's high IPX8 waterproof rating is its strongest feature. These earbuds withstand falling into the pool, sweating, and heavy rain. When you take a shower with them, they continue to function and even adjust well. Given that the M13s only cost $20 to $25, Mpow backs it with a two-year warranty, which is a nice bonus.
There's also good battery life. The case can recharge the earbuds four times before they run out of juice, and they can last up to six hours on a single charge.
Touch controls on the Mpow M13 are engaged by tapping the bud's circular portion. Every desired control is present:
  • To play or pause music, press L or R.
  • Press R to turn up the volume.
  • Hold L to turn down the volume.
  • To move on to the next track, double-tap R.
  • To go back to a song, double-tap L.
  • Press L or R three times to bring up the voice assistant.
Good connectivity exists. Up to nine or ten meters from your device, the Bluetooth signal remains steady. You can easily switch between using one or two earphones, for instance, if you wish to charge one while using the other. Taking out a bud doesn't cause the music to stop automatically.
Seeing videos on the Mpow M13 is a breeze. On iPhone and Android phones, you will experience perfect audio and video synchronization. However, there is a discernible latency in sound effects when playing games, and the M13 lacks a low-latency setting to address this.
The M13's strength is not making phone calls. Although there seems to be a cushion on your voice, the loudness of your voice is sufficient. Particularly when the Mpow tries to muffle sounds from your surroundings, you may sound a little muffled. Though they don't seem loud on the line, passing traffic, background conversations, and wind in particular greatly lower the volume of your voice. A private, quiet room is ideal for phone calls.
Using these to join a video call is not recommended. During Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings, your voice comes across as frail, hollow, and soft. In the meantime, louder sounds from your surroundings are audible.
The M13 boasts a well-behaved, consistent bass thump. While the mid-bass doesn't exhibit much texture or pump too hard in your ears, it gives electronic bass and drums in hip-hop and dance genres a lot of vitality. There is also some force in the sub-bass, which is the bass that you feel as much as hear. It's well captured in James Blake's Limit to Your Love, as it rumbles controlledly and dives quite deep as usual.
There's more Mpow to come. Because lower mid-tones are highly amplified, the bass is typically heard in darker electronic tones, lower guitar tones, and even piano play. The Mpow isn't scared to ask another instrument to provide bass if a song doesn't have a standard bassline.
The limited upper mids and highs of the Mpow contribute to its pleasant tone. Because of the M13's heavy roll-off of upper frequencies, stronger singers and instruments like cymbals and violins never come off as harsh or annoying.
Voices can seem rather sunken, with the exception of the best female vocalists. They sound less detailed and warmer than typical, but they are still detectable enough. After using an earphone with a lot of treble, the M13 sounds muted at the beginning.
This sound characteristic has one benefit: it's very amiable. No song ever sounds worn out. At loud sounds, it's upbeat and subtly bassy; at lower volumes, it's soothing and unobtrusive while you're listening to music during the workday.
Mpow M13 Wireless Earbuds in case
Mpow M13 Wireless Earbuds in case

Mpow M7 True Wireless Earbuds

It's possible that you have seen the Mpow M7 before, if you believe you have. The Earfun Free, which is likewise priced under $50, shares the same form with both the charging box and the earpieces. However, the Mpow is only available in black.
The Mpow M7's earpieces aren't the smallest available. Thankfully, the inside is rounded and soft, giving your ears a secure and comfy fit. The earpieces are more comfortable because of the short nozzle and little rubber ear tips.
It's fantastic that these have the IPX7 waterproof rating even though they still protrude slightly from your ears. The charging case is neither very expensive nor very small. The case's lid is a little wobbly. It can be charged wirelessly or by USB-C, and the case's four LED lights indicate the battery level at any given time.
The Mpow M7 TWS has an average battery life, providing 6 hours of playback on the earpieces following a full charge. Before the case itself needs to be recharged, the earpieces can be used five times. One major disappointment is that, even when you're listening to music, the earpieces' glaringly bright blue flashing lights remain on.
Mpow, why, why? You could assume that the Mpow M7's controls are touch-sensitive based on the appearance of the earpieces. But you definitely need to push them. You can accomplish this without inserting the earbuds too far into your ears. The great T5/M5 and other Mpow-models have a control mechanism just as impressive.
Press twice to raise (right side) or lower (left bud) the volume. Tap once to play or pause. Pressing and holding the right button will play the following song. You have to return one if you do it on the left one. Finally, you need to tap three times to turn on your phone's voice assistant.
Excellent connectivity is a feature of the Mpow M7. By removing the earpieces from the casing, you can effortlessly switch between listening to one or both of the earpieces, and they pair and connect smoothly. Simply slide them in and out of the case once more. Even in locations where there are more wireless signals than possible, the Bluetooth 5.0 signal remains steady.
On an iPhone, YouTube video playback takes a little while. Not only does audio-visual synchronization function flawlessly on Android handsets that support Bluetooth 5.0, but it is also better on other video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Playing games causes the sound to lag.
Regretfully, since the Earfun Free, calling quality hasn't improved either. Even when you're calling inside, the connection fails, and it only becomes worse when you're outdoors in the wind. The opposite end of the line hears a metallic drop, fade, and drop in your voice.
Too much volume is heard in the noise. On the Mpow M7 TWS, the bass is the standout feature. It ensures that bottom tones endure long and fill the song by delivering a powerful, long-lasting wallop.
The bass can vibrate and take over a song as it hits deeper. It can also reverberate in your ears when a song has a lot of bass. It goes without saying that this won't replace your beloved wireless earbuds if balance is important to you.
Still, the bass isn't flawless. Harder bass hits are delivered by the superb Tronsmart Spunky Beat and SSK BT03, which strike your ears directly.
But for those who just want the best, the Mpow M7 might still be a superior option. The M7 TWS quickly eliminates all of the upper sounds in songs, in contrast to the SSK and Tronsmart.
The M7 sound is incredibly warm; it never comes close to sounding harsh or crisp. Male and female vocals, as well as piano and guitar sounds, feel a little gloomy on the M7.
Everything is adjusted for smoothness and warmth. Thankfully, a good amount of information can still be heard in the lower frequencies, and the soundstage is fairly good; the music seems to surround you rather than sit directly in front of your ears.
Many other wireless earphones seem thin in comparison to the rich and full-bodied sound of the Mpow T7 TWS. Although not everyone will enjoy this sound, if you enjoy a warm, bassy sound, this is a terrific implementation at a reasonable price.
Mpow M7 True Wireless Earbuds on a table
Mpow M7 True Wireless Earbuds on a table

Mpow MDots True Wireless Earbuds

You will notice a few things as soon as you open the box. The Mpow MDots are packaged in an ultra-compact, matte-black, clamshell-style charging case that keeps the earphones safely inside while ensuring that their internal batteries are constantly charged and ready to use.
Naturally, the case can fit anyplace you choose because it is only 2.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep. There is a micro-USB charging input on the back that may be used with the cable that is supplied in the package.
Two spare pairs of eartips and earwings are included in the package in addition to the earbuds and case. Depending on your inner ear size, you can use them interchangeably to modify the fit. There are three pairs in all, but the medium size is already on the buds.
Inside the package is also some documentation. A warranty card, auto-pairing paperwork, and an incredibly helpful instruction manual are all visible. While some manufacturers neglect to provide comprehensive instruction manuals, it's good to note that Mpow makes sure to include comprehensive material to assist new users.
Pairing a Bluetooth device is a pretty simple process. To begin with, just open the charging case and make sure every bud has a little sticker removed. It is there in order to facilitate shipping.
Once the case lid is opened, both earphones will turn on and go into pairing mode. You'll see that the LEDs are now intermittently blinking white. The next step is to open the Bluetooth settings on your compatible device, such as a smartphone. Choose "Mpow MDots" after swiping through the list of potential local connections. After tapping it, you can proceed.
It's easy to place the MDots in your ears for the first time. To "lock" them into place, insert them into your ear canal with the tips facing backward and twist them 180 degrees. They will fit into your ears tightly thanks to the little nub on the wing. Take time to swap them out for a different size pair of tips or wings if they look too snug or too loose.
Although it's not the deepest, there is enough bass. Although it's a little weaker than expected, low tone distortion never gave us any problems. In other words, it appears that the MDots offer a respectable level of dynamic range. There is a good tonal separation between high, medium, and low.
As we've seen from a number of low-end earbuds in the past, there is a clear, nice balance of vocals to instruments/sounds without everything "mudding" together. If you're just an ordinary listener, there's really nothing to be upset about.
Considering that the MDots seem to be intended for brief listening or exercises, the sound quality sounds respectable. The gorgeous, punchy bass that you may anticipate from name-brand products won't be present.
Active noise canceling is one obvious feature that the MDots lack. They do a rather poor job of reducing background noise since they lack an algorithm that blocks out loud noise.
Mpow describes their technology as "passive noise cancellation," which is simply a fancy way of saying that they plug your ears and block out outside sounds. No chip or intricate software exists that cancels noise. They differ significantly from other earphones that are two or three times more expensive because of this.
Black Mpow MDots True Wireless Earbuds in case
Black Mpow MDots True Wireless Earbuds in case

Best MPOW Wireless Earbuds FAQs

What Features Should I Consider In The Best MPOW Wireless Earbuds?

Look for features like sound quality, comfortable fit, wireless connectivity, and long-lasting battery life in quality wireless earbuds.

Are MPOW Wireless Earbuds Suitable For Sports And Workouts?

Many MPOW wireless earbuds offer sweat and water resistance, making them suitable for active use during workouts and sports activities.

How Do I Ensure A Secure Fit With MPOW Wireless Earbuds?

Most MPOW wireless earbuds come with customizable ear tips to ensure a secure and comfortable fit, catering to various ear sizes.

What Is The Typical Battery Life Of The Best MPOW Wireless Earbuds?

The battery life of MPOW wireless earbuds varies by model but usually offers extended playtime for uninterrupted listening.

Do MPOW Wireless Earbuds Offer Noise Cancellation Features?

Some MPOW wireless earbud models provide noise isolation, reducing external ambient noise to enhance the listening experience.


Selecting the best MPOW wireless earbuds is a pursuit tailored to individual needs, sound preferences, and the practicality of use. MPOW's wide range of wireless earbuds ensures a suitable match for diverse requirements. By weighing factors like sound performance, battery life, comfort, and unique features, users can confidently find their ideal MPOW wireless earbuds, enriching their auditory experiences to align with their distinct lifestyles and preferences.
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