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Ranking Of The Biggest Mall In Kenya


Even without thinking about how big they are, Kenya has some of the most luxurious shopping malls in all of Africa. You've come to the perfect post today if you've ever wondered which is the biggest mall in Kenya.

The Biggest Mall In Kenya

According to the size of their buildings and interior space, these are Kenya's top biggest and busiest shopping malls.

The following are the largest malls in Kenya, listed in order of size from largest to largest, along with the owners of each.

Two Rivers Mall

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This mall is in the middle of Nairobi on Limuru Road. It is one of the newest and busiest places to shop in the city.

The Centum group owns the mall, which is thought to be the biggest in East Africa.

Over 200 stores, including some for foreign brands, are located there. There are also numerous eateries and coffee shops.

Sarit Centre

The Sarit Centre Mall in Westlands is the second-largest shopping center in Kenya.

The big mall is in Nairobi's Westlands. There are more than 250 stores there, and many of them carry brands from abroad.

Maneklal Rughani, Sobhagayachand, and Vidhu Shah are the owners, and it has a capacity for 25,000 visitors. The mall contains four-star hotels and a 300-seat movie theater.

Sarit centre shopping mall
Sarit centre shopping mall

Garden City Center

Along Thika Road, the mall is the second-largest in Kenya. The travel time to the mall from the Nairobi CBD is 10 minutes. The mall also offers guests a 3-acre recreational park, luring families to take their kids out and explore the neighborhood. When Garden City Mall (GCM) first opened its doors in May 2015, it exceeded everyone's expectations.

The UK-based corporation Actis Africa is the owner of the mall. Paul Fletcher is the current CEO of the firm that owns the mall, and he has subsequently demonstrated exceptional leadership and organizational abilities.

The mall is home to over 120 national and international brands. It also has the most cheap IMAX theater in East Africa. The upscale eateries in the mall provide the ideal setting for leisure activities. GCM includes cheap, conveniently located residential flats and popular shopping locations.

The Center Karen

The mall is situated in the Karen neighborhood, which is home to affluent and well-known Kenyans. The mall opened for business on February 14, 2016, and since then, business has been stable. A week's worth of 55,000 guests can be accommodated by the 35,000-square-foot facility.

Hub Mall is run by Broll Property Group Kenya Limited. The mall is attributed to billionaire Humphrey Kariuki. The mall provides 1,200 packages for guests among its offerings.

There are more than 85 stores in the mall, along with a wide range of services; for instance, LC Waikiki, KFC, and Java post substantial profits thanks to their outstanding success in the marketplace.

Additionally, it has a sizable and well-stocked medical and fitness facility for guests. Additionally, parents who want to take their kids to wonderful locations can benefit from the mall's services because it has indoor games for kids.

Village Market Mall

One of the oldest malls in Kenya that still maintains its competitive attitude is the Village Market mall, which is home to over 150 shops and international brands in the Nairobi neighborhood of Gigiri.

There are five-star hotels, Carrefour supermarkets, leisure options, entertainment, and sizable retail centers there.

Mehraz Ehsani and Hamed are the owners of the mall.

Buffalo Mall

The Buffalo's Shopping Mall is located on the Nairobi-Nakuru highway. The mall is home to City Walk, Java House, cafes, fine dining establishments, and entertainment venues.

The finest place to shop while traveling upcountry is here. Tom Cholmondeley, Delamere's great-grandson, is the mall's owner. These are but a few of Kenya numerous shopping malls and facilities. You can also read more about other brand new malls in Kenya in Urban Kenyans.

You're likely to find what you're searching for in one of these large malls throughout the country, whether you're looking for a place to shop for clothes, hang out, enjoy your day off, purchase new technology, or simply grab a bite to eat.

Westgate Shopping Center

This shopping center is situated in Nairobi's Westlands neighborhood.

It was the scene of a terrorist attack there in 2013, but it has since reopened and is once again one of the city's busiest commercial areas.

The mall, which is run by Vishiali Madan and Alex Trachtenberg, is currently regarded as the safest mall in Kenya.

A center called YayaOn Nairobi's Argwings Kodhek Road, there is a sizable mall.

It is one of the oldest malls in Kenya, has more than 30,000 visitors every year, approximately 100 offices and shops, and five-star hotels.

The late Cabinet Minister Nicholas Biwott owned it.

Nakumatt Westgate shopping mall
Nakumatt Westgate shopping mall

Mall On Thika Road

The Thika Super Highway runs alongside the mall's site. The Thika Road Mall (TRM) was created and furnished to draw both domestic and foreign tourists. The UK-based company ACTIS owns TRM.

Excellent security protects the mall's assets and customers shopping there. The mall has more than 100 shops, including restaurants, banking services, and clothing retailers.

Residents in Kasarani, Zimmerman, and Roysambu have a great chance to go to the mall and shop there.

The mall also features a 7-D cinema experience, a variety of restaurants, and kid-friendly activities. So that there is less traffic on the ground, packing services make it easier to get to cars on the roof.

People Also Ask

Which Is The Largest Mall In East Africa?

The largest mall in East Africa and the main shopping destination in the area is Two Rivers Mall. It is on Limuru Road and is close to the wealthy neighborhoods of Runda, Gigiri, Nyari, and Muthaiga.

What Is The Biggest Mall In Africa?

A shopping center called Mall of Africa is situated in Waterfall City, Midrand, and Gauteng. Although it is smaller than Gateway, Sandton City, Menlyn Park, and Fourways Mall, it is the third largest single-phase shopping mall to be developed in Africa. Retail space occupies 130 000 square meters in total.

Which Is The Oldest Mall In Kenya?

Sarit Centre is the oldest mall in Nairobi and the whole Kenya.


Shopping center innovation and investment have surged in Kenya. As a result, the majority of business owners decided to build malls in order to provide shopping experiences to the general public.

The majority of Kenya's top shopping centers are found in Nairobi. Do you realize this? Do you think you're prepared to visit some of these fantastic malls?

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