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Burger King Mystery Shopper - When Burger King Asked For Help In The European Market

We will also talk about two important mystery shopping studies that were done with Burger King mystery shopper and their European partners.

James Davis
Oct 09, 20221 Shares400 Views
Mystery shoppingis a form of consumer research that is becoming increasingly popular and gives businesses the opportunity to test-market a product or service.
In this blog, you will learn how to use mystery shopping for your business as well as gain insights by gaining an understanding of the various types of mystery shopping and what advantages they have over more traditional forms of customer research.
We will also talk about two important mystery shopping studies that were done with Burger King mystery shopperand their European partners .

What Exactly Is Meant By "Mystery Shopping"?

"Mystery shopping" is a technique for evaluating the level of service provided by an organization.
The performance of employees, as well as the quality of products and customer service, can all be evaluated with its help. The company or management chooses test customers in order to evaluate the quality of the company's own service.
In order to get an accurate reading of the situation, the mystery shopper needs to conceal the fact that they are shopping and act as though they are just a regular customer.
The purpose of the undercover shop is to determine whether or not the quality standards of the company are being met and whether or not the employees are following procedure.
The satisfaction of customers is the primary objective of mystery shopping, as this drives both new business and the continuation of existing relationships.
Customers who are pleased with their interactions with a business are more likely to brag about it to their peers, whereas dissatisfied customers are more likely to post critical comments online or even switch providers entirely.
With the help of mystery shopping, businesses can keep a better eye on these trends and, if they need to, make changes.
The companies that hire secret shoppers typically aren't the ones doing the shopping themselves; rather, other companies do it for them as part of their own marketing strategy.
When it comes to recruiting individuals to work as secret shoppers, the majority of businesses look for candidates who are able to communicate effectively, pay close attention to detail, and write well.
You need to be able to think quickly and creatively on your feet because you might be asked questions for which you haven't thought of answers ahead of time.
Dodge car in front of a burger king shop
Dodge car in front of a burger king shop

There Are A Variety Of Mystery Shopping Formats

There are a few different ways that mystery shopping can be carried out: in-person, over the phone, or online.
The mystery shoppers' goals are the same across the board: to gather information about the quality of customer service and the overall experience that customers have.
In-person mystery shopping is a common practice in many fields, including retail and the restaurant industry.
Mystery shoppers pay a visit to a company and act as if they are customers when interacting with employees there.
This type is often used to judge how well service is given by employees and how well the company is doing from the customer's point of view.
Call centers and other businesses in which communicating with customers over the phone is an essential part of the service they provide are ideal candidates for this type of mystery shopping.
For example, a telecommunications company might use telephone mystery shopping to find out how well its call center agents handle questions and concerns from customers.
When conducting hybrid mystery shopping, a mystery shopper will follow a customer throughout their entire experience.
Because it provides a world-class customer experience, this kind of mystery shopping has gained a lot of popularity recently.
For example, a hotel could use hybrid mystery shopping to evaluate the whole process from check-in to check-out, which is the whole customer experience.
They are utilized across a variety of business sectors.
Hybrid mystery shopping is used by many businesses because it enables them to evaluate all aspects of their customer experience in a quick and straightforward manner.
Mystery shoppers have access to a wide variety of research tools at their disposal, including but not limited to surveys and in-person interviews.
This gives companies a complete picture of how well they are keeping their promises about the customer experience.

Some Examples Of Burger King's Mystery Shopping

Scheduling Europe

The implementation of standards, the courtesy and friendliness of the staff, as well as their competence and speed of service, were evaluated by the scheduling department.
They also suggested that we take part in a mystery shopping research study once a quarter, with the agreement that we would say we were mystery shoppers.

Secret View

In this regard, Burger King and Secret View are completely congruent with one another. Customers themselves, rather than professional auditors, are the best source of first-hand information about their experiences.
The cherry on top is the very easy-to-use dashboard, which makes education very easy for all parties involved to access.

People Also Ask

How Much Do Mystery Shoppers Get Paid?

The average pay for a Mystery Shopper in the United States is $975 per week.

Do Mystery Shoppers Keep What They Buy?

Are mystery shoppers allowed to keep the items they purchase? Customer will typically be reimbursed for their purchases while also being permitted to keep the product or service that they originally paid for.
People who review restaurants might get their meals on the house, but they might not get paid for their work.

Is Mystery Shopping A Legitimate Job?

Even if they promise that the money will be used for training, certification, or a job guarantee, you shouldn't participate in the scheme.
There is no such thing as a legitimate job, including mystery shopping, that requires payment to secure employment.
You will learn that the certification is pointless, and there will most likely be no job available.
Whopper burguer from burger king
Whopper burguer from burger king


Mystery shopping gives businesses the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the services they provide and to discover the areas in which they excel as well as those in which they fall short.
If you are aware of both of these things, you will be able to take the necessary steps to eradicate errors and promote positive aspects of the situation.
Because of this, customers are happier and are more likely to stick with a brand.
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