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Choosing The Best Lawyers Suits To Boost Your Legal Career

Your career in law can be positively impacted by picking the correct fitted suit, almost as much as your conduct with clients and your knowledge. Luckily, we have a lot of experience choosing the perfect lawyers suits.

James Davis
Nov 25, 202224 Shares904 Views
Your career in law can be positively impacted by picking the correct fitted suit, almost as much as your conduct with clients and your knowledge. Luckily, we have a lot of experience choosing the best lawyers suits.

Important Factors When Choosing The Best Lawyers Suits

As a lawyer, you must adhere to stricter dress codes than many other business professions, especially if you have to appear in court frequently. Additionally, you must make a good impression on clients, coworkers, and peers.
Your custom suits should demonstrate your passion, skill, professionalism, and attention to detail. Additionally, they must be cozy enough to wear all day, every day. This may seem like a difficult task, but it becomes a lot more achievable if you keep the following factors in mind:


If you work in law, and who hasn't seen the television show"Suits?" or the highly recommended by IGN, Binge post, or IMDB "Better Call Saul", then you know the importance of a sharp suit. Your suit should be as dark, subtle, and slick.
Courtrooms and legal chambers aren't the places to be flamboyant; instead, you need to establish a strong reputation as the man who gets things done. Just the way we prefer our customized service. However, let your personality shine when you're not at work.


When selecting fabrics and a cut for a suit, consider how much time you will spend wearing it.
You put in a lot of overtime, so wearing bulky or uncomfortable suits is out of the question. The greatest alternative is custom-made or made-to-measure suits in natural fabrics that properly fit your physique.

What Shade Of Suit Should A Lawyer Wear?

Dark colors will characterize your professional clothing, whether you live in London or Lisbon. Your best bets are fabrics that are plain, textured, or herringbone in navy or charcoal because they last for years and can combine with a number of shirts and ties.
Having said that, we advise avoiding wearing black because it tends to make people look stern and is frequently used for formal and mournful situations.
Lawyer drinking a coffee
Lawyer drinking a coffee

What Fabric Weight Should Lawyers Use For Their Suits?

We prefer to use fabric weighing between 11 and 13 ounces when making suits for lawyers. Anything lighter won't be strong enough, and anything heavier will be too warm to wear for days in court, especially if you wear a gown.
We recommend textiles with high twists and pure wool content that are both crease-resistant and long-lasting, making them ideal for everyday usage. These materials are stiffer and feel slightly rougher to the touch than softer wools with more drape, but that is their only drawback.

Which Ties And Shirts Are Appropriate For Lawyers?

Your go-to shirts will be made of plain white or blue cloth, but fitted shirts with modest stripes in navy, grey, or blue are also appropriate. Select high-quality, 100% cotton options, and get them cleaned properly for comfort and longevity.
Simple silk ties in dark hues like navy, burgundy, pewter, blue, bottle green, or plum are a good place to start. Fine pinstripes, ultra-fine dots, and subtle micro-patterns are also suitable.

No Bow Ties

Finish off your look with calf-length socks in black or navy, dark leather lace-up shoes like an Oxford, and plain, simple silver or gold cufflinks if you wear a French cuff.

People Also Ask

What Color Suit Is Best For Court?

Navy blue or dark gray are usually the nicest colors to wear to court. These hues communicate severity. They also lack the negative connotations that are frequently linked with the color black (for instance, some people associate black with evil, coldness, and darkness).

How Many Suits Should I Own?

Even though frequent suit wearers might wish for more, every man should have at least three high-quality suits in his wardrobe. Knowing how many suits you'll need and being proactive by buying a few well-fitting suits will help a lot.

How Should Custom Suits Be Maintained?

The easiest strategy to make sure your custom suits survive is to alternate wearing one suit with letting it rest in your wardrobe for two days. Natural textiles can breathe as a result, and you won't need to dry clean them as frequently, which makes them last longer because the process removes moisture from the cloth.


Like how an actor uses a costume, a good suit will give you the mindset and confidence you need to handle stressful situations like important meetings, court hearings, mediation sessions, or job interviews. But none of this will happen if your suits aren't good, cut well, and fit your body.
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