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Cocaine Purity Test - How Does It Work?


Are you thinking about what is cocaine purity test? Cocaine is a widely used recreational drug. The potent stimulant's capacity to give users a feeling of excitement, exhilaration, power, and confidence makes it popular. But it's also really addicting.

It causes a brief, intense high that is followed by an unpleasant comedown that may include symptoms including anxiety, paranoia, ill-feeling, and sleeplessness. Because of how cocaine works, people who use it often look for the first high while trying to avoid the bad side effects.

This can lead to cocaine binges. Cocaine is a somewhat pricey substance when used recreationally. A person with a severe cocaine addiction may spend hundreds of dollars per day. Although cocaine is a very profitable drug for traffickers, it may also be expensive for them to purchase.

They may adulterate the medication with additional chemicals that are inexpensive and simple to the source to increase revenues. The drug may have been tampered with several times if it goes through numerous purchasers and sellers before reaching the consumer.

In certain situations, cocaine may include harmful additives that seriously endanger the user's health. However, how pure is cocaine and is it feasible to distinguish between pure and contaminated cocaine before consumption?

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What Aroma Does Cocaine Have?

Female Scientist in White Lab Coat Using a Microscope
Female Scientist in White Lab Coat Using a Microscope

The fragrance of cocaine is supposed to be sweet and flowery, but it can also pick up odors from the way the drug is processed. Cocaine is made using chemicals that can smell like gasoline, kerosene, ammonia, and sulfuric acid.

Crack undergoes additional processing and could have a distinct odor. Some claim that the smoke from the crack smells like burnt rubber or plastic.

Procedures For Cocaine Purity Test

There are several methods for determining the purity of cocaine. It's crucial to keep in mind, though, that tests to determine exactly what ingredients are in your cocaine require lab equipment that the normal individual does not have access to.

There could be several techniques to determine if the cocaine you have is contaminated, though. The majority of tests you may do at home will simply confirm what you already know: that your cocaine is almost certainly contaminated.

Additionally, some exams ask you to get rid of part of the cocaine you have. Even so, you might be able to determine if your cocaine is mostly contaminated or only slightly so.

Test On Foil

A sample is burned in tin foil during the foil or burn test. Because cocaine (but not crack) burns slowly, impurities burn off first. The medication is considered impure if it leaves a reddish-brown or black stain in the charred residue. All adulterants are not compatible with this.

Melting Point Test

At 185°, pure cocaine dissolves. Melting a sample and keeping track of the temperature can show you whether adulterants are present and whether you melt it before or after it reaches 185 degrees.

Utilizing Test Kits For Cocaine Purity Test

You may purchase test kits to help you figure out whether your cocaine contains typical adulterants like lidocaine.

How Pure Is The Majority Of Cocaine?

Most of the cocaine sold on the street is tampered with and does include impurities. The goal of cocaine cutting is to gain weight sell less cocaine and make the most money. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, in 2017, the average purity level of cocaine that was collected was just 61.5%.

Cocaine is already deadly, but it is made considerably more so by the variety of drugs used to cut it. It is impossible to tell if the cocaine you buy has been mixed with other substances.

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People Also Ask

Is Impure Cocaine Dangerous?

People who want to get high could worry about how pure cocaine is, but there are other things to worry about besides the drug itself.

What Does Cocaine Look Like?

Depending on where it is in the chain of manufacturing for the well-known, illegal recreational drug, cocaine, there are many different forms it may take.


Talking about the cocaine purity test, you might believe that you might learn to recognize pure cocaine. It could be white, have a certain texture, or have a particular scent. Some people might be able to detect poorly concealed adulterants in cocaine.

For example, baby powder has a smell that isn't normally found in cocaine, which may let some people know that it's there.

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