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Best Cracked Software Websites And Where To Find Them


Are you looking for cracked software websites? You can download cracked software for free from a variety of websites, but not all of them are safe. Not only are these sites against the law, but they can also be infected with well-known viruses and malware.

We've chosen the top legal sources to obtain cracked software rather than direct you down a dark alley of pirated websites. It seems impossible, doesn't it? There are, however, some of the best places on the internet to get free full versions of software that has been cracked.

What Is Cracked Software?

Software cracking, which was sometimes called "breaking" in the 1980s, is a way to disable or remove security or copy protection features in software. These features include protection against software manipulation, serial numbers, hardware keys, date checks, and disc checks.

Close Up of Programming of Codes
Close Up of Programming of Codes

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Are Cracked Software Websites Safe?

You have two options when looking for new software for your computer: look for free options or shell out money for potentially pricey applications. These fees may be avoided by downloading cracked or pirated software.

This program was obtained illegally through the use of a manufactured or stolen unlock code.

Unauthorized and cracked software may be more dangerous to your security than you might realize. It could introduce malware into your machine that could steal information.

The cracked program can only be obtained by visiting dubious websites. Finally, the program could not function, which could lead to legal problems. You also run the risk of contaminating other networked devices.

Some Of The Cracked Software Websites

Below are some top cracked software websites:

Data Codes through Eyeglasses
Data Codes through Eyeglasses

Get Into Pc

One of the most well-known websites for getting free software is getintopc.com. On this page, there is a direct download link for the software. By utilizing this link, you may download the program instantly.

Malware Tips

On this website, a group of techies often exchange fantastic presents and promotions. A collection of the most current premium software freebies from multiple sources has been assembled on this page. The offered download URLs are safe and free of virus attachments.

Giveaway Radar

The best place to go for free PC software in 2019 is Giveaway Radar. Software may be downloaded from several places, such as safe download sites and various vendors, all in one place. However, they exclude gifts of VPNs and antivirus software.


You can easily find a direct link to a free software download on this website. You can also download the program right now without wasting any time. The available download speed is also quite quick.

Shareware Is For Sale

Every day, several premium goods are made available for free on Shareware is for sale, one of the biggest websites for the distribution of free software. The site offers software discounts in addition to free full-version programs.


A full version of the program is accessible for free on TechTipLib, one of the best websites for downloading cracked software. To benefit from the campaign, you must have a social networking account, though.

The website features approximately 6,700 titles, covering Windows, Mac, iPhone, MS Office, Freeware, SEO, WordPress, Themes, e-books, and much more. It also provides free software downloads. It is thus listed among our top 10 websites to get cracked software.


The program is also available on the Softonic website without charge. You can find the program here for Windows, Android, and Mac. There are additional PC games available for free download.

Pirate City

Users may get cracked software for both Windows and Mac systems from the website piratecity.com. The website also has activators for many different operating systems, including activators for Microsoft Windows 10.


A website called SoftAsm offers a huge selection of free programs for Windows, Mac, and Android. To be informed about the most recent information on downloaded software and programs, you may sign up for their newsletter.


Now let's talk about FileHorse. This website also offers amazing free software. Its theme is also pretty simple, making it easy for you to locate the applications. Despite the limited selection, there is some helpful software that is available without charge.

People Also Ask

Are Cracked Software Illegal?

Yes, it is illegal. Using or distributing pirated software constitutes a violation of software copyright law.

Are Cracked Software Malware?

The problem with carrying out a pirated software download is that it often comes with malware - malicious software.

Do Cracked Games Have Viruses?

The utmost concern and likelihood are that cracked games commonly have viruses packed with the download file.


Cracked software websites from where you may obtain cracked software for free download. However, not all of these websites are trustworthy. These websites are not only breaking the law, but they also pose a security risk since they may include well-known viruses and other forms of malware.

Instead of leading you down a path littered with illegal websites, we have researched and located the most reliable legal sources from which you may purchase cracked software.

It's hard to imagine it happening, isn't it? On the other hand, the internet does provide access to some of the most reliable resources for obtaining free, complete versions of software that has been cracked.

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