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How To Dress As A Scientist


The best piece of guidance you can give a science graduate student is how to dress as a scientist. Okay, perhaps the incorrect response is to "ignore your research." "Hit on your thesis adviser's spouse" and "believe that a tenure-track position awaits you" are some examples of bad advice.

Scientist studying a sample
Scientist studying a sample

Dress As A Scientist

I made the decision to conduct a rigorous scientific investigation into the topic of science attire, therefore I searched Google Images for "scientist outfit." These are the top things people assume scientist wear:

Black Lab Coat

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The only item of apparel that shouts "scientist" is this one. Doctors, sanitarium orderlies, and 1950s ice cream vendors all wore it as well.


If you're performing an experiment that could cause splashes in your eyes, goggles are a good idea. However, it has been overly stereotyped to think of scientists as being clad in enormous plastic goggles.

When I used to teach a ninth-grade test prep course called "Matter and Energy" (also known as "Science for Kids Constantly Distracted by Phones"), our textbook provided directions for a number of instructive experiments.

Each one included a picture of a smiling child measuring something, and yet, no matter how uninteresting the task, the kids were always wearing goggles. huge goggles.

It seems that full eye protection is necessary while writing the height of a plant on a clipboard or dropping a marble next to a yardstick. Why do young people detest science? StationZilla experts doesn't believe that and their brand new articles will make you love science.


Thank you, Google image search, for reminding me that scientists always come to work wearing a mortarboard (flat graduation cap). Wearing a mortarboard denotes intelligence because it is the worldwide sign of academic achievement. It appears to be frequently worn by owls in addition to scientists.

Science Tie

As previously stated, most scientists do not wear ties. But that one person is always there. You understand who I mean.

He has a variety of neckties and bowties with scientific themes in his collection, including those with constellations, the periodic table, germs, fractals, and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.

He wears a different one every day. When he's not stealing manga or making his own circuit boards with a 3D printer, he likes to remind people that fashion's conceits are there to be cleverly criticized. I'll let you in on a little secret about that guy: he's wonderful.

Test Timer

The fact that you clip it to your clothing means that it does qualify as gear. It assists in reminding everyone in the room as well as you when experiments require your focus.

Pocket Shield

When no nerds actually wore them, this accessory was once associated with generic geek culture, much like masking tape was with eyeglasses. Even though no scientists wear them, pocket protectors now seem to be a symbol of science.

Come on, universe! Ink-dripping pens from the nineteenth century are no longer common. We now use ballpoints almost universally. What needs protecting?

Glasses With A Tiny Eyepiece That Improves Your Field Of Vision

I asked some collegues to think of an accessory worn by scientists. "Glasses... with a small eyepiece... that allows you to see things better," she remarked. She may believe that scientists make jewelry.


Gloves are a fantastic item of science gear since they grant you superhuman abilities, whether they are made of latex or nitrile, thermal insulation, or polyurethane coating. You can safely handle things that are hot, cold, sharp, or caustic.

In fact, if you use latex gloves in the lab for a sufficient amount of time, you'll start to wish you did so in everyday situations.

You might exclaim, "Look how grippy my fingertips are!" "I'm skilled at controlling little objects!" "I'm reminded of a basilisk lizard."

A Pencil

I've shied away from talking about female-specific fashion because (a) it makes me feel strange to talk about what women wear and (b) I know absolutely nothing about women. However, the pencil-in-the-hair-bun is a rather simple style. It's a pencil, and it protrudes from your bun of hair.

However, lab notebooks must be written in pen, so perhaps this trend has changed. Women who use digital lab notebooks probably always have a flash drive in their hair. Actually, I don't know anything about women.

Scientist dressing with a medical outfit
Scientist dressing with a medical outfit

Positive Pressure Isolation Suits BSL-4

The Internet, which is always right, claims that most scientists dress for the office like they're going to fabricate microchips inside a walk-in liquid nitrogen vapor phase freezer while flinging around a flask of Marburg virus.

It is repulsive to think that we would simply enter the lab while dressed casually, because it gives the impression that we are humans.

People Also Ask

How Do You Dress Like A Scientist?

All it takes is a lab coat made from a T-shirt or purchased as well as markers and a few accessories to complete the costume.

Scientists wear lab coats as part of their personal protective equipment to prevent chemicals, such as liquid nitrogen or acids, from splashing on their clothes while they work in the lab.

What Dress Do Scientists Wear?

A white coat, also known as a laboratory coat or lab coat, is a knee-length overcoat or smock worn by professionals in the medical field or by those involved in laboratory work. The coat protects their street clothes and also serves as a simple uniform.

How To Make A Scientist Outfit?

If you're going for the professional look, wear the lab coat over a smart pair of trousers or a skirt and wear smart shoes. Add a tie or a bow tie and brush hair neatly to one side or for long hair, tie in a neat ponytail or bun. Now all you need to do is accessorise.


It makes sense to look good for an interview. It conveys deference and all-around cleanliness. However, in routine lab labor, each move toward formality feels like a pretense that separates us from humanity, from a focus on substance, and from the truth.

We are not gullible businesses that allow little things like a label's name to affect our perception of them. Since we are scientists, our work takes precedence over our footwear. Unless one is a dedicated scientist, self-promotion is ineffective.

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