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How To Become A Certified Mystery Shopper - Certifications And How To Find Your First Job

In this article, you will learn how to become a certified mystery shopper. Millions of mystery shops are completed annually for hotels, restaurants, shops, spas, and other businesses that aim to raise customer service standards by the approximately 200 member companies of the Mystery Shopping Providers Association.

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In this article, you will learn how to become a certified mystery shopper.Millions of mystery shops are completed annually for hotels, restaurants, shops, spas, and other businesses that aim to raise customer service standards by the approximately 200 member companies of the Mystery ShoppingProviders Association.
Companies that conduct mystery shopping hire employees to go out to eat, shop, or stay somewhere secretive, then write up reports about their interactions with customers. Prospective mystery shoppers receive two levels of training through the MSPA's certification program.
When assigning tasks, many MSPA member organizations provide preference to MSPA-certified customers. Secret shoppers who have certifications are experts who are dedicated to doing a good job.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a common way for retailers, market researchers, and consumer advocacy groups to find out how good customer service is in person and gather information about how goods and services are provided.

What Is The Process Of Mystery Shopping?

Marketing research firms employ the concept of "mystery shopping" to evaluate the standard of customer service and the overall atmosphere at a company's sites.
Third-party businesses hire someone to pose as a client for specific information, such as the cleanliness of a facility or how its personnel treats customers.
Businesses use the findings of mystery shoppers to identify potential areas for improvement.

Secret Shopper Obligations

  • Making trips to the designated store locations.
  • Keeping quiet while pretending to be a regular customer.
  • Having phone and in-person interactions with staff to evaluate their customer service and examine the environment of the store to find any potential issues or potential improvement opportunities.
  • Purchasing both random and specific goods to evaluate product quality.
  • Keeping receipts as evidence of purchases to be reimbursed later complete and submit a written report outlining the experience after each retail visit.
  • Showing that they have different goals, like when they have supported or disliked certain businesses or products in the past.
  • Recording the hours worked, keeping duplicates of finished assignments.


Review the criteria and requirements for the two levels of certification offered by MSPA. Silver certification is needed to get Gold certification, even though it takes less time and effort.
Through the MSPA website, fill out an application for Silver certification and pay the $15 application fee. Make sure to use the same email address as you use to register with mystery shopping firms.
Using the same email address as when you register will allow you to access your certification code.
Online quizzes and lectures are needed for Silver certification. The majority of users discover that the procedure takes an hour or so. As soon as you're done, you'll receive your certification code.
Once you have earned your Silver certification, sign up for the Gold mystery shopper program.
Advanced instruction is provided for the Gold level. You will receive two DVDs and a workbook by postal mail to utilize for it. At the time of publication, the cost was $99.
Certification training is typically conducted online. Additionally, certification programs are provided throughout ShopperFest in June.

Advice On Locating Reputable Mystery Shopping Positions

Knowing where and how to look for reputable openings is helpful while looking for mystery shopper jobs. You can use the following advice to locate a reliable mystery shopping job.

Review The Internet Testimonials And Comments

Consider reading internet reviews from other customers to get a sense of their experience in deciding whether a firm is reliable.
Generally speaking, if the reviews are generally favorable, the stance is legitimate.

Never Mail A Check Or Transmit Money To An Employer

Sending money to an employer or purchasing gift cards for a task could be indications of unauthorized participation.
Before beginning your mystery shopping job, confirm that a company has provided you with the necessary information and that you are not obliged to give money to an employer.

Be Aware Of Businesses That Charge Startup Fees

The majority of trustworthy businesses pay their employees and don't demand payment before they begin their responsibilities.
Make sure the business you intend to mystery shop for doesn't charge its customers, particularly if you haven't finished an assignment for them yet.

Look For Companies That Have Been Approved By The Mystery Shopping Providers Association

The Mystery Shopping Providers Association (MSPA) maintains a list of trustworthy companies that provide mystery shopping opportunities and compensate their shoppers for assignments. Look at the MSPA's website to find out if a company really does offer good services.
Woman holding two bags in each hand
Woman holding two bags in each hand

Avoid Businesses That Charge For Job Listings

You might need to pay some shady businesses in order to read their employment listings.
This restriction is not common among trustworthy companies that provide mystery shopping services, so be wary of those that do.

People Also Ask

What Is Required Of A Mystery Shopper?

extraordinary memory skills. With a well-organized, adaptable attitude. Be careful with the details. Has the capacity to perform duties impartially and discretely.

Is It Hard To Be A Mystery Shopper?

Getting into mystery shopping might be challenging.
There is a good probability that you can start right away if you're okay with starting out by performing $8 gigs for placing an order for fast food.
However, the higher-paying shops are typically only available to people with experience.

How Mystery Shoppers Are Recruited And Trained?

Most frequently, the business for which mystery shoppers work provides in-house training.
One of the best mystery shopping companies, Secret Shopper, requires its potential shoppers to pass a test of basic skills before they can get shopping jobs.


To start working as a mystery shopper, look online for companies that provide this service.
Make an application after checking to see if a business is authentic. Before accepting assignments, businesses could ask you to undergo a background check and sign a contract promising not to mention their mystery shopping services to anybody.
After your application is accepted by the company, you often choose a task from their website and follow the instructions.
To increase your employability, think about obtaining a certification from the MSPA.
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