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Light Gauge Steel Framing Shop Drawings - How To Save Money While Building A Shopping Mall

The stunning steel design concepts and aesthetics support the economic calculations. We go over ways a developer might cut costs while building a mall without sacrificing quality. Also we provide some light gauge steel framing shop drawings for your projects in our last section.

James Davis
Oct 10, 202267 Shares1343 Views
The classics of world architecture have long been steel-framed structures. Unimaginable shapes can be created using steel structures.
Such structures elicit emotional reactions, which are recognized to be a sales motivator.
The stunning steel design concepts and aesthetics support the economic calculations. We go over ways a developer might cut costs while building a mall without sacrificing quality. Also we provide some light gauge steel framing shop drawingsfor your projects in our last section.

The Construction Pace

The cost of steel frames is typically 5-10% higher than that of concrete construction. The speed of building can, however, make up for this cost disparity.
When compared to a building composed of reinforced concrete, steel frame technology can enable a building to get into operation 4-6 months sooner.
This entails monthly savings of several million hryvnias in Ukraine, for instance.
A shoppingcenter can be opened just in time for the new season with the help of good design and the predictable behavior of metal during construction.
The cost of a structure made of structural steel will be less than one made of reinforced concrete if we factor in additional cash flow from early commissioning.
A steel-framed shopping center with a total area of 73 thousand square meters will cost UAH57.2 million, while a reinforced concrete center will cost UAH68.6 million, according to estimates from the Ukrainian Steel Construction Centre. The 11.4% difference is a substantial difference.
Light steel frames in a construction site
Light steel frames in a construction site

Steel Structure That Is Lightweight

Compared to solutions composed of reinforced concrete, steel solutions are 30–40% lighter.
This significantly affects the price of pile foundations, particularly in areas with poor soil quality.
Due to lighter foundation weights, fewer piles, and less earthwork during the groundwork stage alone, labor costs can be reduced by up to 45%.
A reinforced concrete frame's construction also entails a lot of wet work and is susceptible to human error.
In order to ensure that the concrete is being poured correctly, the developer must constantly keep an eye on what is happening at the construction site.
Because prefabricated steel structures are utilized in buildings, they can be put together like Legos on the job site. This reduces the grunt work and streamlines the construction process.


Any shopping center's principal objective is to maximize the use of every square meter.
Flexible floor plans and multi-meter spans allow for an increase in the amount of leasable space, while the building's columns are only placed along the perimeter to avoid obstructing the overall view.
A column spacing of 8.4 m by 8.4 m is a restriction on a reinforced concrete structure, which affects efficiency for the retailer.
The columns frequently obscure the view of storefronts, and architects must devise strategies to accommodate them on the inside, which adds to the expense.
The proprietor of the shopping center can earn more money thanks to the practical layout made possible by a steel frame.
Effective architectural and planning solutions will aid in lowering the amount of steel used in the frame.
For example, a horizontal arrangement will result in savings of 10% to 30% while assisting in the creation of lengthy spans and avoiding additional columns.
Cellular technology can not only save up to 20% of the steel used in construction, but it can also be used to build the full engineering network inside the metal flooring beams.

Very Adaptable

A retail center can only exist in its original form for ten years before the design of the building must be entirely altered.
The shopping center's tenants are now undergoing frequent changes.
The largest obstacle is replacing anchor tenants, like a grocer's supermarket. To meet the needs of a new tenant, it is much easier and faster to change the layout of a space in a steel-framed building than in a single-piece reinforced concrete building.

Dependable Fire Prevention

Fire protection is needed for steel buildings. The price of fire protection can be decreased by using a variety of materials, including plaster mixtures and paint.
For example, mixtures increase the fire-retardant coating's service life, which can last as long as the steel structure itself.
Their use is therefore economical for structures that need to have excellent fire resistance.
Additionally, the circumstances in which various components will operate must be taken into account.
The quantity of fire protection equipment will be determined by this.
With careful attention to the small details of computation, certain costs may be avoided.
Fire protection is frequently incorporated into the project even though some sections do not need it, which greatly raises the cost.
According to estimates made by experts in fire protection, the best choice of flame retardants and the calculation of the critical temperatures for steel structures can result in material savings of up to 40% for the building of a hypermarket or a logistics terminal and up to 25% for the building of transportation infrastructure.
A 17.5 thousand square meter shopping and entertainment center that was built brought in UAH 90 million in profits.

Light Gauge Steel Framing Shop Drawings

You can check shop drawings for your projecthere.

People Also Ask

What Is Light Gauge Metal Framing Used For?

Light-gauge steel, sometimes referred to as cold-formed steel or cold-rolled steel, is a cold-formed material used to strengthen and streamline construction processes.
It doesn't age like wood does. Contrary to structural steel, it is not hefty. It is not as heavy as concrete.

What Is Light Gauge Steel Framing?

Cold-formed steel serves as the main building material in the construction technique known as the "light gauge steel frame."
It can be applied to the entire building as well as the roof, floors, walls, roof panels, and decks.

Can Steel Be Used For Light Framing?

Light steel framing is utilized in concrete and steel-framed buildings as infill façade walls and load-bearing components.
Architects and specifiers can make even better use of steel by building residential structures with light steel frames. This is a cost-effective and flexible way to build homes.
Building construction
Building construction


Even if steel is the ideal material for a mall, high-rise residential buildings are still relatively unheard of.
However, the pleasure of remodeling instills apprehension. Remodeling can be managed at a workplace or a mall, but it is quite challenging to monitor what is happening in thousands of residences.
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