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Best Mystery Shopper Job In Philadelphia - Announcements And Positions


A mystery shopper is a person hired to pretend to be a customer and assess the level of service received.

A clear aim is given to the mystery shopper, such as making a specific purchase or asking precise questions. A mystery shopper keeps their true identity secret. In order to keep their identity secret, mystery shoppers make every effort to blend in and not stand out.

Mystery shopping is a great side job, and that is why we collect some of the best mystery shopper job in Philadelphia.

How Much Is It Worth?

Each client or type of store receives a different amount from the consumer. Any purchases that you have to make in order to finish the shop are always repaid.

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Depending on the type of shop, the level of difficulty, the length of the survey, etc., the remuneration per shop can range from $5 to $50 per hour.

The higher-paying stores may want customers to have special video equipment or meet certain demographic requirements.

The Requirements For Becoming A Shopper

  • Proper sentence structure, grammar, and spelling.
  • An explanation of the survey's questions in great depth.
  • Send in your reports on time.
  • A perfect record.

Positive notes will be added to the shopper profiles of those customers who maintain open lines of communication with the office personnel regarding their due dates.

These encouraging comments assist the scheduler in selecting the best shopper for upcoming shops.

Benefits Of Mystery Shopping Jobs


Since mystery shopping is a voluntary position, there is no set minimum number of hours per week that you must put in.

We do, however, give out a lot of shopping assignments each week, so overachievers are invited to take on additional jobs.

You can simply decide not to sign up for a shop if you are overloaded for one month. It really is that simple.

Exciting Encounters

It might be difficult to get through the boredom of daily life. Every day, every one of us has errands to run at several different retail establishments and locations.

These commonplace, rather banal activities can become interesting and exhilarating by becoming a mystery shopper.

Getting paid while exploring new locations, shops, and foods is a nice perk of mystery shopping.

Philadelphia's Top Mystery Shopper Positions

Mystery Shopper ACE

Fresh talent is presently being sought by ACE Mystery Shopping to join their team of independent contractor mystery shoppers!

The remuneration for each job varies depending on how challenging it is. They have a large reimbursement in addition to compensation whenever a purchase is necessary.

As an independent contractor, you'd be free to choose the jobs that best suit your schedule and way of life. Most of their clients believe their jobs are the best they've ever had! They support regular people in doing what they enjoy while paying them for it!

The candidate could also help quickly growing brands get uniformity across multiple units so they can grow their brand with confidence.

Mystery shopping is a fantastic after-hours or in-between-jobs side business for people to engage in. Professionals, college students, couples, retirees, and stay-at-home mothers are some of our customers.

Some of them even travel across multiple states, conducting mystery shops as their full-time job.

Woman holding four shopping bags
Woman holding four shopping bags


In 2012, Justin Rosenberg founded Honeygrow in Philadelphia with the goal of bringing people together over healthy, high-quality cuisine. They had been looking for local mystery shopping since 2022.

People Also Ask

Can You Be A Full Time Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shopping is a terrific way to earn extra money on a flexible schedule, but it won't replace full-time work. According to Forbes, a woman who worked as a legal secretary full-time and also worked as a mystery shopper made $14,000 in a single year.

How Much Does Walmart Pay Secret Shoppers?

At Walmart, the average hourly wage for a secret shopper is $19. In a proprietary Total Pay Estimate model, which is based on wages gathered from our customers, this value indicates the median, which is in the middle of the range. The base wage is anticipated to be $16-19 per hour.

Is Mystery Shopping A Job?

A mystery shopper is a flexible, paid job that involves going to places undercover to make sure they meet certain standards, like cleanliness and good customer service.


Being a mystery shopper is not a proven method to become rich. It is a fantastic way to earn extra money while you are idle, though.

Take care when completing surveys and reports because accurate and thorough reports encourage employers to give you additional responsibilities.

Make sure to take each task seriously, because if the reports are wrong and written quickly, we won't be able to give you any more work.

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