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Test Del Dia De La Terra - Social And Cultural Climates


The contemporary environmental movement can trace its roots back to April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day or test del dia de la terra. Take a look at the last 50 years of activism mobilization.

Before the first Earth Day, Americans were driving large, inefficient cars that consumed huge volumes of leaded gasoline. With little regard for the law or negative news, the industry spewed smoke and sludge.

The stench of pollution in the air was seen as a symbol of economic success. Until recently, the American public as a whole was generally unaware of environmental issues and the dangers that pollution poses to human health.

However, with the release of Rachel Carson's New York Times bestseller Silent Spring in 1962, the wheels of change began to turn. By increasing the public's knowledge and concern for living things, the environment, and the inextricable links between pollution and public health, the book marked a turning point, selling over 500,000 copies in 24 countries.

Earth Day Facts

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  • The internet was one of the most important elements in making it a worldwide event when it started in the United States of America in 1990. Today, 193 nations around the world observe Earth Day.
  • The Earth Day Network is responsible for organizing and managing all Earth Day events around the world.
  • Due to air pollution, more than 2 million people worldwide die before their time (indoor and outdoor).
  • In the US, manufacturing alone creates about 3, 1 million jobs, plus recycling and reuse.
  • In the last 30 years, there has been a 75% reduction in bird populations. In 50% of the world today, there are no tropical or temperate forests. The lives of residents have been severely affected by this.
  • Researchers think that by 2050, 75% of coral species will be at a very high risk of dying.
  • On your planet, one in four animals is in danger of extinction.
  • The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day will take place in the year 2020.
  • The Earth Day Banner was designed by cartoonist Ron Cob.
  • Abhay Kumar, an Indian composer, wrote the Earth Day Anthem.

The various methods for observing Earth Day include:

  • Study the planet and methods to protect it.
  • Promote environmental conservation and motivate individuals to do so.
  • Participate in Earth Day events such as marches, protests, fairs, lectures, etc.
  • Plant trees in your backyard, neighborhood, and other places.
  • Commitment to reducing consumption and waste of water, energy, and other natural resources.
  • Cleanup campaigns can be organized in neighborhoods, communities, beaches, and other locations as needed.
  • Going organic.decreasing waste. Using sustainable products. Perform tasks related to recycling. Eat locally and sustainably produced food.

Earth Day Today

More than a billion people around the world observe Earth Day every year as a day of action to improve human behavior and bring about change in global, national and local policies. Today it is widely recognized as the world's largest secular commemoration.

Now, as the effects of climate change are becoming more and more obvious by the day, the fight for a clean environment continues with increasing urgency. The global mobilization of civil society, which is currently on the rise, is growing along with awareness of their climate issue.

People all over the world are rising up to demand much stronger action for their planet and its people in response to the low level of ambition that followed the passage of the Paris Agreement in 2015 and frustration with international environmental laziness.


This is all about the test del dia de la terra. The social and cultural climates of the 1970s are now re-emerging, with a new generation of young people dissatisfied with the status quo who refuse to accept platitudes and instead take to the streets by the millions to demand a new direction.

These discussions, protests, strikes and mobilizations are reaching a worldwide audience thanks to digital and social media, which also bring generations together to face the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced.

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